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Unsafe Building - 125 Orchard Drive, Boonsboro

First Hose Company of Boonsboro, Maryland

Report by: Troy A. Lloyd- Assistant Fire Chief / Safety Officer

The vacated commercial building located at 125 Orchard Drive Boonsboro, Maryland 21713; also known as the GESAC Building or Old London Fog Building has been deemed as an UNSAFE STRUCTURE for interior firefighting operations. All other types of emergency operations shall be handled with extreme caution with safety in-mind.

BY ORDER OF THE FIRE CHIEF, only defensive (outside) fire attack operations is to take place at 125 Orchard Drive Boonsboro, Maryland 21713. This vacated building has structural integrity issues, no operating stand-pipe or sprinkler system, scattered debris and machinery throughout the large open floor area, black mold inside the structure and weak roof supports.

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